Zhangjiagang Prefly thermal Equipment Co., Ltd.

1.Industrial intelligent design, pay attention to detail, help customers time and cost saving

2.With its own lab, all solutions are based on experimental data

3.Safety and environment-friendly energy-saving boiler products are provided

1.European imported processing machinery with higher processing accuracy and precision 2.Founder with more than 30 years experience of European craftsmanship, own production tooling, improve production efficiency and effectiveness 3.Equipped with advanced welding equipment to prevent leakage and improve safety of the  products 4.Adopting the production mode of the production l ine to update and improve the product quality to make it more stable

1.Prefly Thermal Tech Co., Limited is a high-tech   enterprise,in which one-fifth is technology and R&D personnel 2.The core technical team consists of 12  technical experts with more than 20 years experience in the environmentally friendly boiler industry. 3.The senior engineer team consists of process engineers, structural engineers, equipment engineers, software engineers, and electrical engineers. Most of them have 8-12 years of work experience and have done many engineering projects.

1.Establishing strategic cooperation relations with suppliers, such as Baltur, Riello,Omron,Grundfos,Siemens and Schneider 2.Establish a professional testing department to conduct multiple inspections on each batch of purchased materials 3.Products can be used for long lifetime at a specific high temperature, with excellent chemical resistance 4.The service life is better than the industry average, and it can reach international standards under indoor conditions.

1.Provide 24-hour online consultation

2.More than 30 years of industry experience

3.Customized solutions are based on your industry and respective case

4.The right solution can reduce your equipment input cost and operating costs

1.The company has a professional after-sales department to provide services 24 hours a day

2.16 after-sales engineers to provide remote guidance,installation and on-site services

3.Problems? Response in 2 hours and solutions provided alongwith it immediately

4.Regular information push to provide value-added services for our loyal customers 

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